Permanent make up

The best for your beauty


Sensitive lips have always been and are in the limelight. Their shape, colour, volume give the impression that once and for all will be remembered. Juicy lips – it is an unrealized dream of great many people.

Just in one treatment I will correct the shape neatly and precisely, increase the volume visually, lift the sunken corners visually. If there is an asymmetry of lips, or the lip contour is not well-defined – permanent makeup will do just great to correct all physiological nuances. With the help of the treatment I will give your lips more intense and natural colour. Having done the lip tinting, you can easily forget about the lip balsam and worrying about «the eaten lips». I guarantee a long lasting effect and safety of your skin, because I only use high quality pigments.


There will never be a second chance to create the initial impression. If the Mother Nature has not given you eyebrows of normal thickness, all you can do is «work on» your appearance every day. Not only the permanent makeup corrects their shape, but it also creates harmony with the colour of your skin and eyes, the type of your face. The Hollywood, French school of visage interpret the notion of «ideal eyebrows» in their own ways. There are many nuances when it comes to their thickness, colour and shape, considering it, I also pay attention to the image and character of my client. Using the-state-of-the-art equipment, a versatile colour pallet and considering the individual proportions of a face, it takes me just one treatment to create a fascinating open look. One needs to remember that the shape of eyebrows has an effect on your facial expression: slightly lifted eyebrows give you an astonished look, lowered eyebrows – unapproachable, arched eyebrows – a playful look. Therefore, it is not the salon and «expensiveness» of the treatment that is important, but the taste and qualification of the permanent makeup artist.


At one time a client compared me to a jeweller. According to her, the precise work of a permanent makeup artist requires the same level of filigree precision than when you are creating jewellery. That could very well be the case. All it takes is to make some minor changes to the eyelids, and the look becomes sharp. But as we fill in the space between eyelashes as if by magic your lashes start to seem much thicker. The elegant arrows will make the eye shape look beautiful, but the corner of the lower lash made in soft tintage will create the effect of depth. I know it from my own experience that the permanent makeup of eyes is very comfortable to ladies who wear spectacles and contact lenses.

BEAUTY SPOT (Beauty Spot Tattoo)

Depending on the location on your face, every birthmark has its special meaning. Describing the perception of the world of its owner, a piquant beauty spot is not only capable of changing your appearance. It also lays emphasis on the transformation of your inner world, attracting the long-expected changes to your life.
A beauty spot tattooing – it is a demanding treatment. Here you need to be more than just a visagiste but a bit of a psychologist too. Relying upon my practical experience, a beauty spot is most frequently drawn on the left or right side of the upper lip. It also looks alluring if a birthmark is located near the outer eye or on a cheek. Scars and birthmarks can also be retouched. I will help you to return the shape and colour of the areola.
All it takes is just a few minutes – and you are a different person with a new look and new life!

MESOTHERAPY – Most effective anti aging treatment!

When it comes to age-related changes to the skin, our face immediately wrinkles remembering it. However, scientists say that the first age-specific wrinkles should appear no earlier than at the age of 60. All we get before it – it is the result of the sun and stress exposure. And there is no escape from it in the modern world. But keep your cool, keep your cool. It’s best to follow the motto of Marilyn Monroe: «Don’t worry, take it easy!». Mesotherapy – beauty injections – strengthen the weak skin, reduce the subcutaneous fat deposits, and treat stretch marks and wrinkles. The preparations introduced by means of injections work for a long period of time, increasing the production of own elastin and collagen. The effect of rejuvenation is well visible already after the first treatment.

In my experience – it is the most effective beauty treatment: quick, effective and accessible. It is gratifying to see that the aesthetic medicine advances in leaps and bounds and does not let us see the signs of aging.